And here we go ...

Originally, this blog was meant to be about no-limit hold'em poker. I got the idea while lying on the beach in Hawaii during my honeymoon about a year ago, but while I am still playing poker, I never really got around to blog about it.

And then there is EVE. I started playing back in 2009, got involved in a null-sec corp pretty quick and learned ... nothing. Oh I could hold my own in lvl 4 missions and I was able to follow orders in our regular fleet ops, but I understood little to nothing about PvP mechanis, fitting or tactics myself.

I sort of lost interest and kept my account only partially active to login once in a while to do some missions and to keep building up skillpoints - I knew I would come back to the game sooner or later.

At the end of 2011 I joined a sov warfare alliance. While fleet ops became boring pretty fast once the initial excitement of flying with titans and super carriers wore of, I learned to enjoy small gang warfare and solo roams.

After a couple of months I knew enough to decide that a) sov warfare is not for me, b) I do not want to be constricted by corp or alliance policy and c) I need a break to figure out what to do next.

Well, next is now. Influenced by a few solo roams in null-sec last last November and December and motivated by the wonderful blog of Taurean Eltanin at http://flight-of-dragons.blogspot.com I decided to try out solo PvP. Can-flipping, lowsec roams, ransoming mission runners ... you name it.

I haven't really decided whether or not this blog will adhere to a specific format. Right now, I plan to post about my experiences on the rocky road ahead.


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