First blood: Punisher vs. Iteron III (highsec can flipping experiment)

Well, everybody has to start somewhere.

I fitted a T1 punisher to head out into lowsec. The plan was to improve my d-scan skills and to get comfortable with my new overview settings. I wasn't really planning on getting a kill already.

The fitting:

3 Dual Light Pulse Laster I
1 Small Nosferatu I

1 1MN Afterburner I
1 Warp Scrambler I

1 Small Armor Repairer I
1 Adaptive Nano Plating I
1 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates II
1 Damage Control I

No rigs

The situation:

Burning towards lowsec, I took a small detour and bounced off a few asteriod belts in populated highsec systems. While I knew the concept of can flipping, I'd never tried it myself. And to be honest I had strong doubts about the chances for success - after all, who would really fall for one of the oldest tricks in the book?

Warping to the top-most belt in the system, I spotted a small mining vessel happily reducing rocks to ore and depositing it within an unsecured container. I fired up my afterburner and got to work. After moving his ore into my own container, it took him a few seconds to react.

Finally however, he started to smack talk me in local. "Bad move", he said, "the fleet is already on its way". Other system residents started to respond to this credible (not!) threat and began to tease him about the mighty super-cap fleet of doom lying in wait to protect the lone highsec veldspar miner.

After a few minutes he warped off. My best guess was that he would just wait me out and come back with his hauler once I'd left. Well, sometimes you have to give people what they want.

I warped to the nearest outgoing stargate and jumped through, hoping that he would watch me disappear in local. After about thirty to fourty seconds I jumped back into the original system and warped to a safe spot within scanning range of the belt.

Soon enough, a transport appeared on scan. I waited another five to ten seconds and warped directly to my bookmarked can.

Seeing him still about five kilometers away and heading directly to the can, I thought that I warped back into the belt too early. No way he would take back his stuff while I am sitting next to him.

But, alas, people do strange things. He took the bait and slowly started to align towards a station. Too slow, obviously. Point, shoot and kill.

While I was not in any danger, I was still thrilled. My fingers were trembling, my heart was pounding. I can only imagine how it must feel to really be in a fight one on one.

After destroying his ship, he resorted to threaten me in local. I am still waiting for anything to hit me yet, but you never know.

The most remarkable thing here is - based on his own words - that he seemed to understand the concept of can flipping.



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