Vhalasedai, soon-to-be terror of lowsec ..

Well, here she is.

25.638.501 skill points at the time of this posting, mostly invested into gunnery, spaceship command and quite a lot of support skills.

Up until a few weeks ago my plan was to be able to sit in as many different ships as possible with "reasonable" skills. The idea behind it, of course, was to be able to take part in virtually every possible fleet setup up in nullsec.

Time to re-evaluate.

To conserve ISK I will start our my solo career with T1 frigates, focussing on Amarr first due to level 5 in Amarr frigate as well as in small pulse & beam laser specialization. I will break down my current skillset in more detail later to analyse where I need to improve and which other ships I can (reasonably) field as part of my T1 campaign.



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