Punisher vs Catalyst - this is what I was hoping for


The fight described below and the thirty minutes of hunting before it were - without any doubt - the most exhilarating moments in over fifteen years of offline and online gaming experience.

I know that many other players said similar things about their first 'real' solo PvP kill in EVE, and now I can wholeheartedly agree.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have managed to hunt down, point and kill my first target. Yes, I had other kills before - see here and here - but this was the first one that was actually putting up a fight.

My fitting:

3x Dual Light Pulse Laser II
1x 5W Infectious Power System Malfunction

1x 1MN Afterburner II
1x J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I

1x Damage Control II
1x Adaptive Nano Plating II
1x Heat Sink II
1x 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plating I

1x Small Energy Burst Aerator I
1x Small Energy Collision Accelerator I

The situation:

I started my roam in Naguton, a 0.3 lowsec system adjacent to Domain HiSec. My plan was to stay in lowsec up until Amamake in the Heimatar region. 25 jumps in total.

However, I never made it that far.

Upon arriving in Gratesier, I spotted two older pilots and one very young - Teon. After creating a scan spot in range of most of the belts in the system, I spotted a Catalyst seemingly belonging to that pilot ratting in one the belts.

Narrowing down the d-scanner to thirty, to fifteen and then to five degrees, I quickly identified the belt he was sitting at. My heart rate started to increase - could this really be that easy?

I hesitated for a moment to lay out a basic plan. Since my target was a destroyer and my pulse lasers would - even loaded with scorch - most probably not allow me to stay out of range to him, I decided to get into a very tight orbit at around 1.000 meters and try to stay under his guns. If he had fitted blasters, I would certainly be in trouble, but against railguns I should have a good chance.

And also there was his age to be considered - with less then one month, his spaceship, gunnery and support skills might be low enough to allow the possibility of beating a blaster boat.

Pre-overheating my guns and my point, I engaged my warp drive. I arrived approx. 20.000 meters away from him - this was bad. Even with an overheated afterburner, it would take me about ten seconds to get into point range.

Nevertheless, I tried. About four to five kilometers out, he warped out.

Expecting him to leave system immediatly or at least to wait at a safe spot for a couple of minutes, I warped back to my safe spot as well and reassessed the situation.

He stayed in local and still showed up on my scanner. Playing around with different d-scan angles, I got the feeling that he bounced between belts and planets. I gave chase, but for a couple of jumps I always arrived too late at his last estimated position. Still, the hunt was on.

Meanwhile, the two older pilots had left and one new one had arrived. I had noticed the change in local while trying to catch my prey, but not given it too much attention. That is, until a Dramiel showed up on my d-scan and shortly after at the belt I was just leaving. Another hunter had entered the scene.

After failing to catch me, he started to go after the Catalyst as well. Our mutual target noticed as well and started to talk to us in local. The conversation that followed confirmed that neither one of us wanted to back down.

The next ten minutes, all three of us seemed to jump from one belt to another, occasionally stopping at safe spots to shake off the respective pursuers.

Suddenly, the pace of the hunt quickened. I almost got Teon at a belt, but again he got away just moments before I could point him. Looking at his vector, I concluded that he'd either warped to the planet next to us or to the customs office in the planet's orbit.

Being forced to decide between the planet and the customs offices, I chose the later and warped to zero. I guessed that he would be wise enough not to jump to the planet itself, but panicked enough to just warp to zero without considering alternatives.

As it turned out, I was right. Arriving at the customs office about five or six kilometers away from him I was barely able to think coherently. Lock target, activate pre-overheated point, pulse afterburner and get into a tight orbit. Overheat lasers, fire. Fire. Fire.

[ 2012.02.02 22:13:06 ] (notify) Approaching Teon84's Catalyst
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:06 ] (notify) You cannot do that while warping.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:06 ] (notify) Interference from the warp you are doing is preventing your sensors from getting a target lock on Teon84's Catalyst.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:07 ] (notify) Interference from the warp you are doing is preventing your sensors from getting a target lock on Teon84's Catalyst.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:11 ] (notify) Orbiting Teon84's Catalyst (1500m)
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:11 ] (notify) Orbiting Teon84's Catalyst (1500m)
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:11 ] (question) This action is an attack on your target. Attacking this target is a crime, will result in a security status penalty for you and will bring CONCORD to enforce the law by destroying your ship should you enter high-security space soon.

Do you wish to proceed with this dangerous action?
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:13 ] (notify) For initiating combat your security status has been adjusted by -0,1299.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:14 ] (notify) You have started trying to warp scramble Teon84 (Catalyst).
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:14 ] (combat) Your group of Dual Light Pulse Laser II lightly hits Teon84 (Catalyst), doing 127,1 damage.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:15 ] (combat) Your group of Dual Light Pulse Laser II hits Teon84 (Catalyst), doing 172,4 damage.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:16 ] (notify) Orbiting Teon84's Catalyst (1500m)
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:17 ] (combat) Your group of Dual Light Pulse Laser II is well aimed at Teon84 (Catalyst), inflicting 189,0 damage.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:19 ] (combat) Your group of Dual Light Pulse Laser II places an excellent hit on Teon84 (Catalyst), inflicting 193,7 damage.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:19 ] (combat) 75mm Gatling Rail I belonging to Teon84 barely scratches you, causing 4,9 damage.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:20 ] (combat) 150mm Railgun I belonging to Teon84 misses you completely.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:20 ] (combat) Your group of Dual Light Pulse Laser II lightly hits Teon84 (Catalyst), doing 73,7 damage.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:21 ] (notify) Orbiting Teon84's Catalyst (1500m)
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:21 ] (notify) Orbiting Teon84's Catalyst (1500m)
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:21 ] (notify) Orbiting Teon84's Catalyst (1500m)
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:22 ] (combat) 75mm Gatling Rail I belonging to Teon84 misses you completely.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:22 ] (combat) Your group of Dual Light Pulse Laser II barely scratches Teon84 (Catalyst), causing 58,6 damage.
[ 2012.02.02 22:13:24 ] (combat) 150mm Railgun I belonging to Teon84 misses you completely.

Seconds stretched to minutes, and his tank began to fail. My little Punisher however seemed fine - while I was taking damage, I had actually managed to get under his guns just as planned. His railguns were just barely able to track me, and only as he entered deep structure did he start to actually scratch at my buffer tank.

At this point, the Dramiel arrived. He dropped out of hyperspace five kilometers away from us. I immediatly started to align to my safe, knowing that it was probably too late. Teon's ship exploded. For some strange reason, the Dramiel got the killmail despite having inclicted no more than zero points of damage. We both agreed later however that this was in fact my kill alone.

2012.02.02 22:14:00

Victim: Teon84
Corp: Federal Navy Academy
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Catalyst
System: Gratesier
Security: 0.4
Damage Taken: 7764

Involved parties:

Name: Serpentis Defender / Serpentis Corporation
Damage Done: 5611

Name: Vhalasedai
Security: 0.60
Corp: Ministry of War
Alliance: None
Faction: None
Ship: Punisher
Weapon: Punisher
Damage Done: 2153

Name: Artwig Aurgnet (laid the final blow)
Security: 1.50
Corp: Eagle's Warrior's
Alliance: Eyrie Alliance
Faction: None
Ship: Dramiel
Weapon: 150mm Light AutoCannon II
Damage Done: 0

Destroyed items:

Iridium Charge S, Qty: 589
Medium Shield Booster I (Cargo)
Small Armor Repairer I
150mm Railgun I, Qty: 3
Power Diagnostic System I
Tracking Link I (Cargo)
1MN Afterburner I
200mm Reinforced Titanium Plates I (Cargo)
75mm Gatling Rail I, Qty: 3
Survey Scanner I (Cargo)
Remote Sensor Booster I (Cargo)

Dropped items:

Iridium Charge S, Qty: 124
Medium Shield Booster I (Cargo)
Iridium Charge S, Qty: 11363 (Cargo)
Tracking Computer I (Cargo)
Sensor Booster I (Cargo)
Warp Scrambler I (Cargo)
150mm Railgun I, Qty: 2
Secure Magnetometric Backup Cluster I (Cargo)
Damage Control I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I (Cargo)

After the Catalyst exploded, I hit warp, fully expecting to by held in place by the Dramiel's point. Hearing the familiar 'warp drive activated' announcement from Aura, I left both Teon's wreck and the Dramiel behind me.

While Teon quickly logged after congratulating us for the successful kill, me and the Dramiel's pilot, Artwig, began to chat.


Channel ID: -28102536
Channel Name: Private Chat (Artwig Aurgnet)
Listener: Vhalasedai
Session started: 2012.02.02 22:16:08

[ 2012.02.02 22:16:19 ] Vhalasedai > hey
[ 2012.02.02 22:16:24 ] Artwig Aurgnet > yeah, my corp are carebears
[ 2012.02.02 22:16:52 ] Vhalasedai > I was a carebear two years without any clue about pvp ... decided to change that a week ago
[ 2012.02.02 22:17:14 ] Vhalasedai > god my fingers are trembling ... quite thrilling
[ 2012.02.02 22:17:19 ] Artwig Aurgnet > hahaha
[ 2012.02.02 22:17:29 ] Vhalasedai > nice hunt, and you showing up made it much more interesting
[ 2012.02.02 22:17:40 ] Vhalasedai > i almost had him a second before you entered the system
[ 2012.02.02 22:17:50 ] Artwig Aurgnet > yeah, he whined first, so he had to die :)
[ 2012.02.02 22:18:04 ] Vhalasedai > and was about to call it off when you entered the field .. no chance with a punisher against a dram
[ 2012.02.02 22:18:15 ] Artwig Aurgnet > why the hell did he stay?
[ 2012.02.02 22:18:45 ] Vhalasedai > i dont really know, but realizing that he was just bouncing between belts I thought that one of us must get him
[ 2012.02.02 22:19:15 ] Vhalasedai > at the end it was a choice between the planet and the customs office when he warped off
[ 2012.02.02 22:19:17 ] Vhalasedai > :)
[ 2012.02.02 22:19:25 ] Artwig Aurgnet > *sigh* anyway, good kill. I never find anyone on my roams :)
[ 2012.02.02 22:19:33 ] Artwig Aurgnet > yeah, i went to the planet
[ 2012.02.02 22:19:46 ] Vhalasedai > same .. did you download the EVE-Regions Map from Ombeys?
[ 2012.02.02 22:19:53 ] Artwig Aurgnet > nope
[ 2012.02.02 22:19:57 ] Vhalasedai > there is a outlaw map at the end
[ 2012.02.02 22:20:03 ] Vhalasedai > showing only lowsec connections
[ 2012.02.02 22:20:07 ] Vhalasedai > and travel routes
[ 2012.02.02 22:20:17 ] Artwig Aurgnet > oh cool, i'll hunt it down
[ 2012.02.02 22:20:26 ] Vhalasedai > the blue ones are better then the black ones due to being connectors between different lowsec areas
[ 2012.02.02 22:20:29 ] Vhalasedai > more traffic
[ 2012.02.02 22:21:01 ] Artwig Aurgnet > i'm headed amamake as it's supposed to be a popular lowsec mission location
[ 2012.02.02 22:21:24 ] Vhalasedai > it is, also quite active due to faction warfare
[ 2012.02.02 22:21:28 ] Vhalasedai > be careful of blobs there
[ 2012.02.02 22:21:47 ] Artwig Aurgnet > yeah... i normally do lowsec exploration
[ 2012.02.02 22:22:16 ] Artwig Aurgnet > quite profitable but lost quite a few ships
[ 2012.02.02 22:22:33 ] Vhalasedai > I'm logging .. time to go to bed. I'll add you to contacts, let's chat again some day .. and maybe even fight against each other. Fly safe, have fun.
[ 2012.02.02 22:24:32 ] Artwig Aurgnet > night man
[ 2012.02.02 22:24:34 ] Artwig Aurgnet > Me too

After exchanging a few bits of advice and some nice words in general, we both went our ways. After over thirty minutes of pure adrenalin, I took my hands away from keyboard and mouse and started to realize what had just happened.

Thanks to both of you for this exciting night! Hopefully, we'll run into each other again some time.

Lessons learned:

Um, yes. A lot. Give me a few days to digest it all :)




  1. just really cool...
    eagerly awaiting your next post.


  2. Always fun to see someone taking their first steps into pvp. Good job not giving up the hunt, and bonus points for aligning as the dram appeared on the field. You've got good instincts!

  3. Great to read (and feel). Thanks for sharing this epic adventure!! :)

  4. This.

    Is EVE PvP.

    Great stuff. Keep it coming.