Rifter vs Catalyst No. II - quafe for the victor

My fitting:

3x 150mm Light Autocannon II
1x E5 Prototype Energy Vampire

1x X5 Prototype Engine Enervator
1x 1MN Afterburner II
1x J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I

1x Damage Control II
1x 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
1x Small Armor Repairer II

2x Small Projectile Ambit Extension I
1x Small Projectile Burst Aerator I

The situation:

Space can be quite. At least it has been for me - flying my current training route from Naguton to Amamake and back twice during the last days only showed well-known ship hulls behind POS shields and the occasional pirate in a ship way outside my capabilities. 50+ jumps without even a glimpse of a viable target.

And then, suddenly, there were ninjas .. I mean, victims. Well, potential targets. Or rather, one potential target. Just a few moments into my next roam my d-scan picked up a Catalyst named after the famous Kessel Run at the top-most belt of the Naguton system.

I like Catalysts. Can't really think of a reason why - except maybe this one here :)

Putting together the standard plan for this sort of engagement - get close while keeping transversal up, orbit with activated afterburner at around 1000 meters, overheat weapons and try to stay under his guns for the entire fight - I warped into the belt. While in warp, I pre-overheated both my point, my web and my afterburner to pin him down as fast as possible.

The Catalyst was sitting about four or five kilometers away from the warp-in point next to a couple of rat wrecks. Disabling the overheat of my mid slot modules I immediately put both my point and my web (in this sequence) on him, ordered my ship to orbit at 1000 meters as planned and activated my now overheated weapon grid. He started to melt - fast.

The tracking of his railguns was, as planned, not able to keep up with me, and a couple of seconds later he exploded.

2012.02.06 23:40:00

Victim: Uberthrob Dallocort
Corp: The Shikari
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Catalyst
System: Naguton
Security: 0,3
Damage Taken: 2505

Involved parties:

Name: Vhalasedai (laid the final blow)
Security: 0,40
Corp: Ministry of War
Alliance: None
Faction: None
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: 150mm Light AutoCannon II
Damage Done: 2414

Name: Sansha's Misshape / True Power
Damage Done: 91

Destroyed items:

Reactor Control Unit I
125mm Railgun I, Qty: 3
Multifrequency S (Cargo)
EMP S, Qty: 1000 (Cargo)
1MN Afterburner II
Medium Capacitor Battery I (Cargo)
Medium I-b Polarized Structural Regenerator (Cargo)
Warp Scrambler II
Photonic CPU Enhancer I
Antimatter Charge S, Qty: 248
Exotic Dancers, Qty: 50 (Cargo)
Antimatter Charge S, Qty: 1549 (Cargo)

Dropped items:

125mm Railgun I, Qty: 5
Quafe Zero, Qty: 6 (Cargo)
Reactor Control Unit I (Cargo)
Antimatter Charge S, Qty: 248
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
Antimatter Charge S, Qty: 919 (Cargo)

More on impuls I tried to get a target lock on his pod - and succeeded. Forcing myself to calm down - yes, I am still very very excited during an engagement - I checked d-scan for any threats. Nothing.

A word began to surface in my mind - ransom. I never tried it before, but this seemed to be a good place to start. Opening up a convo with him I got into the following talk.


Channel ID: -28205023
Channel Name: Private Chat (Private Chat)
Listener: Vhalasedai
Session started: 2012.02.06 23:40:19

[ 2012.02.06 23:40:26 ] Vhalasedai > pod anything worth to you?
[ 2012.02.06 23:40:37 ] Uberthrob Dallocort > yeah im new dont shoot it
[ 2012.02.06 23:40:52 ] Uberthrob Dallocort > what do u want?
[ 2012.02.06 23:40:53 ] Vhalasedai > oh i see
[ 2012.02.06 23:40:58 ] Vhalasedai > couple of days
[ 2012.02.06 23:41:02 ] Vhalasedai > sorry for that
[ 2012.02.06 23:41:03 ] Uberthrob Dallocort > yep
[ 2012.02.06 23:41:06 ] Vhalasedai > learning to pirate myself
[ 2012.02.06 23:41:09 ] Uberthrob Dallocort > just checking stuff out
[ 2012.02.06 23:41:18 ] Vhalasedai > in that case I let you go
[ 2012.02.06 23:41:23 ] Vhalasedai > be careful in lowsec
[ 2012.02.06 23:41:25 ] Uberthrob Dallocort > thanks
[ 2012.02.06 23:41:52 ] Vhalasedai > i give you a few isk back
[ 2012.02.06 23:42:33 ] Vhalasedai > here you go
[ 2012.02.06 23:42:51 ] Vhalasedai > a million is not much, but it should help you cover the loss
[ 2012.02.06 23:42:59 ] Vhalasedai > again: be careful in lowsec
[ 2012.02.06 23:43:16 ] Vhalasedai > cheers

As you can see, I let him go. Podding new players for no reason is not my idea of having fun, and even a few millions ISK would probably have been quite significant for him while more or less meaningless for me. I even gave him a million ISK to cover his losses. The reason for that - despite me being a nice guy - is what I was able to pull from his wreck while talking to him: six cans of quafe zero, selling for about 8 million each at Amarr :)

With a smile on my face - I got into a fight within five minutes of leaving Amarr, I killed my second destroyer (this time without any help from rats) and I actually made some money doing it - I waited out my GCC, secured my loot in the nearest station and headed out again. The next fight was waiting ... (and will be posted soon, give me a day or so).

Lessons learned:

* I have to come up with a fast and decisive way to deal with ransom situations. It wasn't crucial this time, but in general it seems to me that I do not want to waste any more attention then necessary to this while still being in danger of being attacked by reinforements
* checking the overheat status of modules regularly is crucial. Again this wasn't an issue in this fight, but I should try to stick to the routine that I have adopted in this regard
* sometimes, it is just too easy :) (scnr)

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