Sometimes, they bite

This is not about PvP. This is about a skillbook. And a rather overpriced one at that, I might add.

To finance ships and fittings and to find out how much money (read: ISK) can be made by logging on for 15 minutes every day, I invested in a few skillbooks a few months ago. Basically, I compiled a list of about 90 different skills, travelled to a local pator tech school two jumps away from Rens and invested about 500 million ISK.

About one month and approx. three hours of consecutive time spent to modify sell orders later, I more or less doubled my investment. 975 million ISK after sale taxes and market escrows. Not bad, not bad.

One of the large number of sell orders I created was a bit ... different. Purely by mistake and without actually noticing it, I had put one book of Drone Navigation up for 90 million ISK instead of 90.000 ISK.

I really never thought that anybody would fall for this. Really. And without this incident it would have been a one-time accident.

Now, however .. I might be tempted to do this again once in a while.



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