In a mirror, darkly (Vengeance vs. Vengeance)

My fitting:

4 * Rocket Launcher II
1 * E5 Prototype Energy Vampire

1 * X5 Prototype Engine Enervator
1 * 1MN Afterburner II
1 * J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I

1 * Damage Control II
1 * 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
1 * Small Armor Repairer
1 * Adaptive Nano Plating II

1 * Small Warhead Flare Catalyst I
1 * Small Anti-Thermic Pump I

The situation:

After spending an hour hunting PI transport ships and ratting cruisers in Egghelende, I decided to call it a day and return to my home base in Bosbogger.

One my way back I noticed a Vengeance on scan sitting at an asteriod belt. I was curious - would I be able to prevail in a mirror match? Loading thermal ammunition to exploit his resistance hole, I aligned to the belt and warped to it at zero.

Falling back into normal space practically on top of him, I activated my afterburner and set my orbit to 4km. After pre-activating my rocket launchers, my energy vampire, my scram and my web all that was left to do was waiting for a target lock and checking d-scan for incoming reinforcements.

The following minutes showed that we were very evenly matched. Trying different combinations of overheating our weapon systems, our afterburners and our armor reppers, none of us was able to gain any significant advantage. Despite the fact that he had no web fitted to boost the damage of his rockets, our damage output was close to identical, and neither of us was able to break the other's tank.

After trying everything I could think of and multiple reloads later, my supply of thermal rockets began to wear thin. Without any appearant chance of turning the fight around in my favour, I left orbit and aligned to one of my safe spots. Overheating my web to extend its range and my afterburner to give me a short boost of speed, I burned outside scrambler range and left the field.

Good fights were given, and both of us headed our respective ways.

Lessons learned:

This was actually a fight in which I did nothing wrong (that I can think of). Our respective skills (both in regards to skill points and to actual piloting/fighting) and fittings made it impossible for one of us to gain the upper hand.

In retrospect, reloading EM ammo might have been a risky but interesting choice - Vengeances fitted with an anti-thermic pump rig to balance out their resistance hole actually have a slightly lower resistance to EM than to thermal damage. However this difference is about one or two percent only, and I doubt that I would have made a tangible difference.

Any comments as to what I might have done differently are highly appreciated.

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