Vengeance vs. Caracal

My fitting:

4 * Rocket Launcher II
1 * E5 Prototype Energy Vampire

1 * X5 Prototype Engine Enervator
1 * 1MN Afterburner II
1 * J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I

1 * Damage Control II
1 * 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
1 * Small Armor Repairer
1 * Adaptive Nano Plating II

1 * Small Warhead Flare Catalyst I
1 * Small Anti-Thermic Pump I

The situation:

Amamake and the surrounding systems were quite busy when I took my Vengeance out for another roam a couple of days ago. Jumping from system to system on my route from Bosbogger to Egglehende I spotted a Caracal named 'Free Fight' on my scanner, first time in Amamake itself and than all the way down to Egglehende and back.

All this time he never stayed long at one spot, and without being able to locate him at any celestial there was not much I could to than to carry on with my roam and wait for him to actually appear at a belt or a faction warfare site within scanning range.

After my second go-around from Bosbogger to Egglehende and back I finally located him at a Minmatar faction warfare bunker in Auga. Loading EM rockets and preheating my scram I warped to zero.

Dropping out out warp about 7km away from him I activated my afterburner and directed my little frigate into an 2.5km orbit while waiting for my target computer to achieve a successful lock on his hull. My main goal at this point was to be able to orbit him at my maximum speed without overshooting him due to inertia issues - I really did not want to find out how much damage his missiles would do to me otherwise.

After my scram and my web had settled on him, I took a moment to add his corp to my contact to identify possible allies he might have nearby. He seemed to be alone, and while my first rockets slammed into his shields I waited for his drones.

His shields dropped very slowly, and taking this for a sign of a passiv tank fitting I deactivated the overheat of my rocket launchers as I would need them later when approaching his peak recharge rate.

Next to him, a few Hobgoblin IIs appeared in space. Using my web to maximise damage output on them, I shot them down rather easily.

In the meantime his energy neutralizer had been able to put a heavy strain on my capacitor, and even with my NOS running continuously I wasn't able to keep everything running. Having to decide which of my modules to keep running and which to turn off, I deactivated both my web and my repper for the time being, thinking that while the missing web would lower my damage output it would be more crucial to keep the afterburner running without a break to minimize his.

Only pulsing my repper occasionally I was still able to hold him off without any difficulties - I had been correct when I decided to prioritize speed before repper output.

Getting nearer to his peak recharge rate I switched tactics for a few seconds. Deactivating my afterburner I turned on my web and overheated my weapons. Taking quite a bit more damage myself as a result of that, it also burned away his remaining shields in a matter of moments.

The rest was, as they say, only a matter of time.

Good fights were given, and after leaving the battlefield with a couple of T2 mods in my cargohold I realized that I had just killed my first cruiser (in a solo engagement).

Lessons learned:

The impact of absolute speed on the damage output of rockets and missiles was a concept I knew in theory but that I never had been able to experience this clearly in reality. I am quite happy that I was able to apply theoretical knowledge in an actual combat scenario.

The same goes for the different recharge rates of shield tanks - actually seeing how a constant amout of damage is taking less and less away from your opponent the closer he gets to his peak recharge is quite different from only having read about it.

The most important module on my ship during this engagment was my energy vampire. Without it, I would not have been able to counteract his neut, and even with disabling my web and only pulsing my repper I doubt that I would have been able to keep my afterburner running.

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  1. I like how you broke down what happened with screens. I learned a few things too. Congrats on a solo kill.