Vengeance vs. Stabber Fleet Issue

My fitting:

4 * Rocket Launcher II
1 * E5 Prototype Energy Vampire

1 * X5 Prototype Engine Enervator
1 * 1MN Afterburner II
1 * J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I

1 * Damage Control II
1 * 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
1 * Small Armor Repairer
1 * Adaptive Nano Plating II

1 * Small Warhead Flare Catalyst I
1 * Small Anti-Thermic Pump I

The situation:

Never activate your warp drive without paying attention.

Yes, I know, this belongs down in the 'Lessons learned' section, but it is the perfect beginning to this story.

I was playing around in Egghelende the other night, trying to catch a Merlin who was sitting a few hundred kilometers off grid at a belt. The pilot was most probably afk and his ship burning into deep space - not really a challenge combatwise, but good enough to practise my d-scanning skills.

Before I could catch up with him, a Stabber Fleet Issue appeared on scan, and, a second later, at the belt below me. Feeling outgunned, I warped to my safe and went afk for a minute to grab a cup of coffee.

Coming back, the SFI was still sitting at the belt. I decided to leave it at that and warped to the Siseide outgate - or so I thought.

Reading company mail with one eye and browsing possible Vengeance fittings with the other, I must have misclicked my designation. Only after landing 10km next to the SFI I realized that I had warped back to the belt.

Stunned by my stupidity, I sluggishly aligned to my safe spot, hit the afterburner and targeted the enemy ship. He was sporting a microwarp drive and was able to stay in range without any difficulties. Five angry drones surrounded my, and slowly my armor started to melt.

Still acting on instinct, I targeted the drones and started to overheat my repper. One by one the webbed drones succumbed to my rockets, and the asteroid field we were in made it difficult for him to follow me in a direct line.

Reaching a heat level of 75% my armor repper was struggeling to keep my alive. Without his drones however his guns alone weren't able to put out more damage then I could repair, and for a brief moment my modules were allowed to run without overheat.

Until five more drones, three of them ECM, appeared. Had he recalled some of the drones I had thought destroyed? Frantically I tried to get a target lock on the first ECM drone, but my overwhelmed target scanner was not able to function properly under the onslaught of electronic warfare.

My armor level started to drop, again. 40%, 35%, 30%. Overheating my afterburner, I tried to get more range to the Stabber as well to minimize the incoming damage from the drones. 25%.

Target lock, ECM drones missed a cycle! One drone down, second drone down .. third one! The two remaining scout drones fell shortly after, and at around that moment I realized that my distance to the SFI was now over 22km. 23km, 24km. His speed was down to 300m/s ... did his MWD burn out, or was his cap diminished?

Not really caring for the reason, I waited until my brave little Vengeance - its afterburner now reaching 90% overheat - slipped out of point range and warped to the designated safe spot.

Good fights were given from both sides, and with a smile I realized that I had escaped from a fight that I was 100% sure I had already lost.

Lessons learned:

Never surrender, always look for a way out. Evaluate all possible options, identify your priority targets and proceed. Overheat your modules, reassess and adapt. Continue.

Never activate your warp drive without paying attention. (^^)

I should find some time to train Thermodynamics to V.

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