Republic Fleet Firetail vs. Federation Navy Comet

Before I start with the actual fight let me quickly say that I have joined the Black Dragon Fighting Society last week. As I have briefly laid out here I had been looking out for pirate cooperations suited for my solo and small scale pvp playing style - and well, I have found one. More on that later though - it's been a blast so far, but let us get to the fight that I want to talk about.

Taking the advice of my fellow pirate companion Miss Carry I had a look at the redesigned T1 frigates recently. We had been checking out both the Amarr and the Minmatar faction warfare areas for the last couple of days and realized that without being able to enter the novice plexes we would actually miss out on a number of interesting fights.

After trying out both the Executioner and the Merlin with various degrees of success I stumbled upon a few Republican Fleet Firetail hulls in my hangar. Checking out the alliance forum I came up with the following fit, and looking forward to actually try out tracking disruption I headed out into space.

The concept seemed simple enough. Against short range turret fits I would stay between six to eight kilometers away while employing optimal range disruption and using Barrage against him, while against bigger guns I would get close with tracking speed disruption and tank-specific short range amnunition. Now only to be able to implement this plan in a real fight .. :)

Starting out in Bosboger I made my way down to the Devoid region. Space was quite, and I took this as an opportunity to adjust my chair into a more comfortable position, turn up the music and just enjoy my chilled glass of Chardonnay. Life was - and is, by the way - good.

Enter - Arzad. A 0.2 security system in the Semou constellation. While local was sort of crowded, only one ship appeared on d-scan. A Federation Navy Comet located at the only open faction warfare plex in the system.

Checking the slot layout and the bonusses of the Comet while being in warp to the plex, I came up with the following plan. I would orbit him at around 8km (unheated scram range) using optimal range disruption to render his blasters useless and slowly wittle him down with Barrage. In the unlikely case of him having rails fitted I would get close fast and switch to speed tracking disruption. So far, so good.

Both web and scram were preheated to maximise my chances of catching him, but leaving warp I actually landed about 1.5km away from him - way too close. From this distance, his blasters would be able to punch through my flimsy tank in a manner of seconds. Overheating my afterburner my first objective was to get range fast while at the same time looking out for his drones.

His first few salvos were able to hit me, but I was quickly able to get a little distance between us. 3km, 4km, 5km. Finally his blasters - oh yes, I forgot to mention, he actually was short range fit - started to miss me regularly. Step one of my plan had worked - I had been able to neutralize his primary weapons.

Then, suddenly ... drones. Three Warrior IIs. As he later confirmed he had forgotten to launch those at the start of the engagement due to having his hands full with trying to keep me in range.

To help my two 200mm Autocannons loaded with tracking-impeded Barrage ammunition in shooting down the drones, I took my web off of him and used it on the drones instead. One, two, three ... and they were gone. Only to be replaced by ECM drones, which were taken down in a similar way.

Check the status of my tank and my cap levels below just after the three Warrior IIs had been killed. If only on the field for a brief period of time; they still had been able to put some real pressure on me.

After getting rid of all the drones in his cargo bay I was able to pay attention to the distance between us again. My opponent had used the time without being slowed down by my web to get range. 7km, 8km ... I overheated my scram again and started to approach him to make sure he would not get away.

The rest, as they say, is history. Good fights were called in local even before his ships actually exploded, and with shaking hands I let go of my keyboard and watched my ship warp to a nearby safe.

And no, I have no idea how the hell somebody other than myself got on that mail. Eve does that sometimes. But then again it does not really matter.

Great fight, Roman. Looking forward to a rematch.

But enough Eve for now - gym time now.

Have fun, fly dangerously.


PS. I really learned a lot from this fight .. managing seven different active modules while keeping an eye on range, on drones, on d-scan .. quite exhilarating.

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  1. He had recently been in a fight in that same system so the people he was fighting showed up on your kill most likely.

    Kiting inside scram range is an excellent tactic and the Firetail is one of the best and most neglected frigates in the game. They are dirt cheap for how capable they are.

    Nice job