Sure I'll park my freighter in that lowsec belt .. what could possibly go wrong?

Update: raw video footage can be found here.


After two hours of roaming the greater Amarr/Minmatar faction warfare area without getting a  fight, I was getting bored. Expecting my wife to come home from her shopping trip soon, I set my destination to Bosboger and started my trip back to my home base there.

Five jumps later. I had arrived in Bosboger, and almost by instinct I had first warped to my safe spot near the sun to scan the surrounding belts. Occasionally, you can find ratters or miners there as it is a system adjacent to highsec.

D-scan showed some T1 frigates at novices plexes that I couldn't enter with my Vengeance ... and a Dominix Navy Issue as well as a Hulk. Both at the 5-1 belt. What the ...?

My first thought was that I would not be able to deal with a Domi Navy Issue. Surely the pilot would have quite a number of Warrior IIs, and with two or even three drone damage amplifiers and corresponding skills those would be able to put out between 150 and 200 DPS, not including the occasional glancing hits of his guns.

But I should at least take a look, shouldn't I? I docked and switched to a covert ops frigate, undocked and warped to the belt at 100km with activated cloaking device to assess the situation further.

Alright, both ships were actually right there, and as far as I could see directly at zero at the belt. The Domi Navy Issue had five drones out .. a random assortment of medium and heavy T1 drones, to be excact. Interesting ... this could actually work.

Putting out the word of what I had found both in alliance chat as well as in our public channel, I reshipped again into my Vengeance, made sure that I would have enough rockets in my cargohold and warped back to my safe. A former R1fta pilot, Duke Thunderhorse, was only five jumps out and already on his way.

While he was making his way to me we layed out a brief and rather uncomplicated plan. Warp in together, get tackle on what we can, nuke the Hulk and see if we can deal with the Domi Navy Issue after that.

And so we did. Leaving warp almost on top of the Hulk, we realized that the Domy Navy Issue was 25km away from us. Nothing happened as we pointed the Hulk and started to burn it down. The pilot or pilots seemed to be afk.

While we were working on the Hulk, three things happened almost simultaneously. At the same time Duke told me that he had burned out his mid rack, a Fenrir (yes, a freighter ..) warped to us and landed about 10km away from us. Two seconds later, the Domi Navy Issue started to move towards us and sent its drones after Duke.

Knowing that the Fenrir would take at least 30 seconds to reenter warp, we finished the Hulk and afterwords started to point and orbit the freighter. The Domi had managed to slowboat towards us, and while we were working on the - from a frig pilot's point of view - insanely huge buffer tank of the freighter, it was able to put some pressure on Duke's Rifter, eventually killing it.

So now it was only my trusted Vengeance against the freighter and the Domi Navy Issue. Neither its drones nor its guns were able to break my tank, and I continued to fire rocket after rocket after rocket at the helpless Fenrir.

Minutes passed. And if you have ever been in a similar situation - sitting at a lowsec belt at zero with more then ten neutrals in local while trying to secure the most insane killmail of your pvp career in Eve so far - you might appreciate how long those minutes felt to me.

A ransom offer was ignored, and a few seconds before the Fenrir's structure finally gave out the Domi Navy Issue warped out, taking with it a Domination afterburner which had been dropped when the Hulk was destroyed. 

Ah well, you can't have everything. But at least we got this.

All of this happened about 18 hours ago, and I am still shaking with excitement. Big thanks to Duke for coming along as well as to Captain John who helped me out on comms while trying to get to us in time.

Fly dangerously,



  1. I saw this on the killboard! One of those one of a lifetime moments in EVE. Keep it and treasure it. Amazing!

  2. Simply awesome and what a great write-up! The Vengeance has a rock solid tank that's hard to break, especially with the cap stability that adding a nos provides.

    I can relate to the long and drawn out minutes while pounding down a big kill. I once took down a Raven with my Vengeance at a belt in Aeschee. 10 minutes of adrenaline-fueled excitement. Nothing compares to it!

  3. Dude, thanks for letting me whore on your killmails! It was a blast! I still can't believe my mids fried so quickly. We might have gotten the Domi too if I had my AB to keep up transversal and my scram to hold him down. I kinda wish I reshipped to a Wolf but oh well. \o/