Loot fairy's hot sister and a Gnosis that could

Well, I am not writing here as much as I would like, but then again real life takes its tolls.

I quit my job (hooray), I am sitting in front of multiple offers for the next career step (hooray), I am looking at about three months between jobs (hooray again) that I will use to get back into shape (marathon incoming), to do a lot of BBQing, role-playing and EVEing, to fix everything that is not in perfect order around the house .. you get the idea.

But back to Eve. After investing or rather burning about 1b ISK playing Blink, I finally hit the jackpot. While my fellow corp mate and pirate extraordinaire Crake Gaterau managed to chat up the loot fairy (have a look here), I in turn had a nice run-in with her hot sister, the Lady Blink. Nice girl, really :)

So in total I am looking at a nice 2.5b ISK profit from Blink so far. If I am smart, I'll stop playing right now since of course looking at the probabilities involved it is always a losing game for the player. Knowing myself, I really won't be that smart, but anyway.

For now there is a lot of ISK to burn. Which I did, starting today. No, I have not lost my first T3 (yet), but I managed to lose another Sacrilege. This one, to be specific.

Before we continue, here is the fitting. It comes with three Hobgoblin IIs and standard exile booster. I really like it, and after loosing about four of those during the last weeks I slowly but surely learned how to fly it. Long point to be able to fight out of scram/web/neut range, dual-rep for some staying power and a medium neut to break active tanks if necessary.

Our story today begins with me sitting outside the home station in Adirain in my Sacrilege. A few corpies are in local, but only one of them is actually there. A Gnosis is on scan, and considering the people docked I am fairly sure that it is piloted by Gorgon Alpha.

While not entirely sure that he is not just an alt or at least a friend of Shadow Cartel which would bring a rather high possibility of runnning into a trap, I start to use my d-scanner to find him while simultaneously telling corp chat to wake up. After all, the worst thing that could happen is me loosing my ship, and I am rather used to that. And at any rate I trust my dual-repped Sacrilege with drugs and some nice implants to be able to take some serious beating. So off we go.

While still in the process of scanning him down he arrives on grid at the station. We sit there for a while considering our options when he warps to planet VIII, closely followed by my corp mate in his frig. I give chase and land on grid with both of them.

After getting tackle I decide to get out of web/neut range first. I can always go in back later and want to hold my options open. While doing that I realize that my explosive Nova missiles are indeed the right choice since he is obviously armor tanked. Active, that is.

So I get back into web and neut range, thinking that my cap booster will allow me to keep both reps and my neut running long enough to bring him down. Only ... not. From this point on things go south, starting with him putting some serious neuting on me while still being able to support his (dual? triple?) reps at the same time. Six midslots will do that for you I suppose.

In hindsight I entered some sort of tunnel vision ... only dealing with keeping my cap up as good as possible while playing a bit with overheat on my launchers. I don't launch drones (*doh*) and I don't even try to get range again; instead I just hope that for some strange reason I will manage to get back into the game or that additional corp mate will come to my aid in time.

The best thing to do would have been to stay out of web and neut range, use the overheated web defensivly as we do in frig fights and .. well, see how it goes from here. That's one of the advantages and reasons for fitting a long point on this fit, so why not use it accordingly? Still wouldn't have been able to break him, but at least it would have been a nice stalemate.

Oh, and of course shooting the drones would have been nice as well. As well as launching my own three. Come to think about it, I made a lot of stupid mistakes. But at least I recognize them.

Have fun with the unedited raw footage. I will probably use it in addition with some other material I have to make an HD commentary about the Sacrilege, however this might take a while longer.

Fraps footage: http://youtu.be/Y5cgS3M8-o8

Killmail: http://r1fta.killmail.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=17846537

Lessons learned here:

- Gnosis's can do stuff. Period. Look out for active tanked shit with neuts and enough cap boosters to keep it all up even while under neut pressure itself.
- I really like the Sacrilege, and after loosing four of them in total during the last weeks I can really say that I begin to understand this little ship a bit  Dual-rep with medium neut rocks & gives you a lot of options.
- To shoot the drones or to not shoot the drones. Damm. I always make the wrong choice here.
- overheat that frikking cap booster, Vhala. JUST. DO. IT.
- next time, stay out of neut and web range. That is what your long point is actually for when flying vs. heavy neuters, idiot.

After the fight, I talked to him briefly. Good guy in my book, and he won fairly. Hope to have more fights like this against him and to have one more pilot around Adirain you will call on us when something big is found.

Chat logs attached below in chronological order.



Again .. good fight
From: Vhalasedai
Sent: 2013.05.19 15:28
To: gorgon alpha,

I would have thought that my reps would be able to function even under neut, however slowly but surely you managed to suck me dry. Didnt really see that coming, that's why I did not target your drones.

Anyway, thanks for coming out to play. Out of curiosity - how close were we in break you tank? It looked quite good for a while there.

Good hunting,



Re: Again .. good fight
From: gorgon alpha
Sent: 2013.05.19 15:32
To: Vhalasedai,

yeah, gf - thanks for bringing it

It was kind of close - i wasn't in any immediate danger, but i was worried about your numbers bringing more to the party

nice thing about the gnosis is 900m3 of boosters, i can outlast most other active fits whilst keeping neuting up

'till next time, o7


Re: Re: Again .. good fight
From: Vhalasedai
Sent: 2013.05.19 15:49
To: gorgon alpha,

In hindsight I was glad not more of us were in system. Winning by blobbing - while perfectly acceptable - would have left some sort of bad taste in my mouth for this one. I was originally worried about you just being bait for Shadow Cartel or some such ... glad to see that this wasnt the case.

Yeah, till next time. And let me or anybody from R1FTA know when you catch something big and need help. Killing each other is all good fun, but bringing down bigger stuff together makes it even better.



Re: Re: Re: Again .. good fight
From: gorgon alpha
Sent: 2013.05.19 16:01
To: Vhalasedai,

You have nothing to fear there, if you ask the regulars i always operate alone - even my alt in system is just a prober i use to get warp ins. I'm big on Good close run fights. I'm on friendly terms with most folk around Aeschee etc, but i don;t use them as backup.

I certainly will and pleae consider me if you need some support as well. Always looking for decent fights,

Thanks again,

Fly safe, o7


  1. I think you recognize the mistakes you made. Solo fighting is a lot of things and one of the most important is this running list of advantages/disadvantages you have in your head at all times. You in relation to the other guy, how do your advantages stack up? And what disadvantages do you have? The last thing you want to do is give up any advantage you might have, which is what you did several times. Range is your friend, give it up and the Sac becomes a big slow brick. The biggest advantage of the Sac is its ability to dictate range and deal some serious dps from a very serious tank platform.

    Those are advantages you want to keep as much as possible.

    And generally I ignore drones and pound the hell out of the ship, the drones stop firing once it explodes.

    1. Thank you Rixx, good to know that I got the basics right, if only in hindsight. Now to remember those things during the next fight ... :)

      Anyway, thanks again.