To boldly go ...

Well, that escalated quickly.

After only talking to a few wormhole corps, I have found a new home in a cosy C4 wormhole far away from the trials and tribulations of known space. I actually didn't even wait for all the corps I had contacted to reply; the guys from Belt Club and their idea of how wormhole life as a group should work were quite convincing and met my criterias pretty good, and I saw no reason to delay my decision any further.

So after I had moved in with both Vhalasedai - responsible for blowing things up - and Adella - responsible for scouting, PI, kittens and ponies - I took a few days to get accustomed to the daily routine - scanning sigs, rolling holes, doing the occasional PvE while looking for opportunities to shoot people - as well as to socialize with my new corpmates. Wow, this paragraph has way too many dashes. But who cares.

At the same time, I bought some ships and modules for PvP in Jita. So far I had only two ships with me, a cloaky Proteus with an expanded probe launcher for scout and tackle work and a rather underwhelming HML Tengu for sleeper sites, and I wanted to make sure that everything would be ready to go at once when the next suitable connection to highsec space would appear.

All in all, my shopping spree resulted in a Proteus and a Tengu for solo and small gang engagements, a couple of Purifiers for more dead russian faction battleships, two Cheetahs for pure scan and scout work, a Curse because I really like neuts and two Sacrileges, a Harbinger Navy Issue and a Drake for various PvP related tasks. Two billion ISK are quickly spend, even when you are mostly limiting yourself to T2 or budget faction modules. But then again this is what ISK is there for ... buy stuff to blow other stuff up. Did I mention that I am really looking forward to some wormhole PvP? Could that nice russian corp that I blogged about earlier direct their static in our direction? Just saying.

While there were several moments in which PvP seemed only moments away, no actual engagements with other players happened so far. That is fine, the hunt alone provides more than enough excitement for the time being. And for some reason I am quite certain that the upcoming weekend will bring a change of pace.

Have a great weekend everybody, and kill ALL THE THINGS. Especially you, R1DER :)



  1. Glad to see your new home is to your liking, Vhal. Be safe, rake in some ISK and let us know what shinies you blow up this time with your seemingly endless patience! :D

  2. Excellent. Looking forward to more stories.