Me and the Lady Blink .. I really cannot get away from this girl

Yes, well, ehmm. This is awkward.

Earlier this year I had a lucky encounter with the Lady Blink. And of course I stopped playing Blink after that.

Fast forward to today. After reading Kaeda's post on how he is paying for Eve, I realized that both my accounts would automatically renew themselves beginning of November. I logged on to account management, terminated both subscriptions and bought four GTCs over at Markee Dragon since those come with 200m Blink credit each and an additional 200m for buying four at the same time.

All eight PLEXes were used to add game time to my accounts, and 1b Blink credit was transferred to me on the spot.

And then .. there was money. I am still at about 1b Blink credit. And I did this.

I have no words. Buying stuff now. A carrier maybe. Or a few T3s. Or ... oh, I don't know.

Have a great weekend folks!