Between a rock and a hard place

Well. I actually had some big plans for tonight. Sadly, they all had to be postponed.


Because I am stuck in our current C4 static. Stuck how, you ask? Everything works as it should, except I cannot see wormholes. Neither on my overview nor in space.

Yes, I have confirmed that I am actually on grid. I have scanned down wormholes and warped to any distance between 0 and 100km ... nothing. I have warped to corpmates that were sitting right next to a hole .. still nothing. I could even see them disappear from grid when they jumped through the hole ... to me it looked like they were just vanishing into thin air.

Basically, I am not able to leave this particular C4. Wonderful.

Petition has been filed a couple of hours ago. No response yet, but I guess they have their hands full on a patch day. Shouldn't have left the POS shields directly after the patch anyhow.

/me is sad now. Lost in space. Help.

Hopefully CCP will rescue me soon.

See you in space (as soon as I get there),



  1. Seen this twice before, it might not be related to the patch, but a coincidence.

  2. You know what the response will be. "Working as intended."

    1. Close. They basically said: "All is good from our end, we hope you find a way out of there soon."


      Downtime saved me. After it, all was fine again. Still not really a good answer.

  3. Hi, Encoutered it once too... it was a few days after Odyssey was released, strange coincidence..., i opened a ticket and never get any answer.
    Same story, after DT things worked again.

    Nice blog btw