Killing a hauler - a story in pictures

Sometimes, ten minutes are enough. When I logged in yesterday night, I was fairly certain that PvP wouldn't be an option. I only had a few minutes to spare, just time to update a few sell orders, to put another skill into Vhala's skill queue and to briefly talk to my corpmates to find out what they had been up to so far.

While finishing up with my sell orders I am told that a C1 (Golf) with a highsec static is directly connected to our home system and that there were players active at the only POS inside the system only a few minutes ago. Looking at the time, I figure that I might just have enough to have a quick peek, to write down a few notes for later use and to bookmark one or two observation spots.

So I take my cloaky Proteus into Golf and warp to perch spot 100km away from the POS at I-1. Indeed there are two ships there, both protected by the POS shields. An empty Cheetah and a piloted shuttle.

I look at them for 30 seconds or so and decide that I might as well check the hisec hole before I go home again. Of course the chance of anything coming through there right now is pretty slim, but at least I can try, right?

When I arrive at the hole, my d-scan pipes up. The shuttle has disappeared and has - appereantly - been replaced by an Epithal. 

Probably just swapped ships. Maybe in preparation of a PI run to one or multiple custom offices. Perfect, just after I warped away from the POS. Now I will probably miss him .. but again, at least I can try.

I warp back to my perch. The Epithal is still there, and activating automatic camera tracking I select him in my overview. Not a second too soon - he accelerates and warps towards ... a customs office at planet X. 

The moment he is leaving grid I am already aligning as well - the hunt is on.

The distance to our destination is over 50 AU. 10 AU away I deactivate my cloak to allow my sensors to recalibrate, overheat my point and trigger my sensor booster. 

As expected, I land right on top of him, and the second my ship has dropped out of warp entirely my boosted targeting sensors begin locking him.

Courtesy of my True Sansha warp scrambler, even his two warp core stabilizers are not enough to safe him. To seal his fate, Astrum's covops frigate lands on grid as well and applies another point. 

Within seconds his shields and armor are gone and he explodes in a silent fireball. 

We almost get the pod too, but he manages to warp away. Accompanied by a gf in local, we loot and shoot the wreck and head home.

Minutes passed since logging into Eve: 9.5

Good enough. I could get used to that. Next time give me a fully loaded Noctis please .. can't let those Epithals have all the fun :)


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