Station trading in Jita 4-4, week 1

Preface: this is not about PvP. Bear with me here ... there are two posts in the pipeline and a fleet op coming up tonight which will result in a third post. Just not today.

I have earned basically all my ISK during the last two years with station trading, but so far without paying any heed to how much I am actually earning. It always was enough for my purposes so I didn't really care.

That changed recently. I am still making enough to pay for my expenses and then some, but for some reason I now want to know how much is acually coming in. Probably because I am thinking in bigger terms now when it comes to the ships I fly ... T3s, HACs and Recons flown in w-space tend to have a larger impact on your wallet than T1 and T2 frigates in lowsec.

So I rearranged my liquid funds a bit and and restarted the business with exactly 20b ISK capital, zero assets and no outstanding buy nor sell orders on my Jita trader alt.

This is the result for week no. 1. Slightly above one billion ISK in profits by spending 20 minutes after breakfast and 20 minutes after dinner to update my market orders, so far limited to faction and deadspace items as well as skill implants.

I can only assume that there is more potential here. My plan is to continue on the road for another three weeks to see how it develops over the course of one month. After that ... we'll see.



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  1. Just started station trading myself as mission running has finally killed my patience.
    Turns out I am trading in pretty similar things to you and getting pretty good results with them.
    Unfortunately, I only started out last month with 1.5bn. Currently at 3bn in assets and a further 4bn in buy orders in the pipe line.
    Currently also looking at moving this account into a wormhole as I need some excitement in my life ;)