When the hunter becomes the hunted .. PvE Rattlesnakes vs EVERYBODY

Well, that didn't work out as planned.

A couple of corpmates were doing PvE in Alfa when I logged on. Declining their offer to join them, I headed out with my cloaky Proteus to see where the chain would lead me.

Bravo was a fairly large system, with multiple active POSes more than 14 AU apart from each other. Warping from cluster to cluster only showed force fields, towers and empty space. No ships, no probes, nothing.

A few minutes after I had started to probe down the approx. ten signatures a Cheetah and an Anathema appeared on scan, launched probes and cloaked up again. Hoping for some of the residents to wake up, we decided to leave two of our PvE Rattlesnakes at an almost cleared sleeper site while the rest of the gang reshipped to combat ships.

The Anathema jumped into Alfa, followed by a cloaky Loki only seconds later. We didn't know what else we would be up against, but so far nothing had stirred in Bravo. No activity whatsoever, and all other outgoing wormhole connections had shown nothing but the dark void of space as well. Maybe just another cloaky T3 that we had missed, or a recon or two.

When the Anathema appeared on grid with our Rattlesnakes, we decided to allow it to position itself for a warpin. When it came into range, the Loki decloaked and both ships applied their points. As there was still no indication of anything approaching, our small fleet jumped into Alfa and prepared to warp to the Rattlesnakes.

As far as I know, I was just in time when I yelled STOP on comms. Just in time to save our fleet, but sadly not to save our Rattlesnakes. A fleet of T3s, logistics, recons and battleships had just entered my d-scan range and was landing right next to me the second I jumped from Bravo into Alfa.

In hindsight, we would have had enough time to deploy ECM drones to give us a reasonable chance to escape with our Rattles. But that little moment of surprise and confusion when we unexpectedly became the hunted ourselves proved to be too long.

An expensive lesson to be sure. But we would do it again as the alternative would have been not to try at all and potentially miss a precious opportunity for a good fight.

However, deploying ECM drones by default and having a Falcon on grid as a fallback option could be reasonable improvements of that particular bait concept.


PS. After talking to one of the guys via Eve mail it became clear that we had just been a bit unlucky. It appears that this little fleet had just started out on a roam, probably from within the C4 connected to Bravo. Since we only had a scout in Bravo but not in any of the adjacent systens, spotting them before they actually started to warp towards us was more or less impossible.

At least this is my weak attempt of justifying what has happened :)

GF, guys. Well deserved.

PPS. Got this message from our attackers a few days later. Thanks, appreaciate it.

Hey sorry I logged after your last mail. Your blog was a great read I passed it round alliance we all really enjoyed reading it. Solid effort on your part baiting with rattlesnakes we have nothing but respect take care.

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