Station trading in Jita 4-4, Day 55 .. we are getting somewhere

My first careful attempts to buy more than one of a particular item before selling it again worked out quite well, and five days ago I started to put real money into those items responsible for the biggest share of the generated profits.

Instead of one, I bought four. When I saw that those were sold within a day, I bought six. Repeat.

Those are the results. The daily average and the hourly average are calculated over all 55 days, and if you have a look at the results from the last five days you can clearly see the direction this is going.

Note that I have finished training Tycoon to level III a few days ago, and accordingly I am also dealing with more orders now. Because of that, I estimate that instead of the 40 minutes per day that I originally needed to update my orders on a daily basis I am now at 45 or even 50 minutes. The hourly rate below is calculated based on 50 minutes.

If I can regularly generate this kind of profit, I might actually become space-rich at some point .. or burn one T2 fitted T3 cruiser per day :)

On a more serious note: I also need to think about what to do with all that ISK. As in: invest it. I doubt that station trading will scale endlessly. Any ideas out there?



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