The wind of change blows ...

Due to reasons - not getting into those, far too much RL involved in that - I am taking a break from w-space.

My assets have already been relocated to known space, and I am currently talking to pirate and/or faction warfare corps that have peaked my interest so far.

My focus in Eve is and always will be PvP. To be more precise, both solo and small- to medium-sized fleet PvP. I would love to continue my attempts at FCing and to get more involved with gang doctrines and the concepts behind those. Well, if you read this blog you actually know all this.

Accordingly, I am looking for a group of like-minded, easy-going pilots that share my fascination for the thrill that is PvP. No unnecessary drama, just mature players trying to get into as many good fights as possible. Dive in first, ask questions later. Well, not always, but that should be the general principle.

I like to have a fixed base of operations. Moving across half the galaxy once every three or four months is not really my cup of tea.

So if this sounds like your corp or alliance: send an in-game mail to Vhalasedai and let's talk. In the meantime, you might see me flying around the Bleak Lands with my trusted Vengeance trying to get into some nice 1 vs Many fights at small fw plexes. Good bye security status :)



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  1. "mature players" and "good fights" will be a hard match. Good luck!