This Blog

I created this blog both as a means for me to document and to support my endeavors to become better at competitive 40k as well as to share my thoughts and experiences with the wider 40k community.

While taking a few coaching sessions with Fred from Breaking Heads - whom I can recommend only in the highest possible way - documenting sparring games and tournament matches became one of the foundations to improve my game upon. But while the spreadsheet format laid out by Fred allows for a quick way to jot down the important data points of a game, the writer and the storyteller in me wanted something more in addition.

Because of that, the posts within this blog will contain selected battle reports of my competitive games in narrative form, including table setup, mission details, army lists, initial game plan thoughts, a round by round description and depiction of the actual game and then the final scoring and what I learned from the game. 

If you want to, feel free to comment or question my decisions and my conclusions. Point out what I did right or wrong. It might help not only me but also others in developing a better understanding of the competitive aspects of 40k, and in turn make all of us better players.

Because of a multitude of other life goals and obligations, I am playing one complete 40k game per week at most, either at a real table or using TTS, and I plan to document most of them.

For now, I am focussing almost exclusively on playing Craftworld Eldar. This might change in the future, but I like the overall playstyle of the Space Elves and want to reach a certain skill level in regards to 40k before I consider either changing factions or playing more than one at the same time.